Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Injustice of the system

                                My education cost my family a fortune. The total fee itself has crossed one million Rupees, let alone other expenses. If I would have gone to any convent school for primary and secondary education, it would have been double and when the other expenses would be added up in this (which is directly or indirectly related to education), it would cross five million Rupees. After spending this humongous amount when my college sent me for internship, the stipend was just 5,000 rupees and when asked about the future prospectus I was told that after 6 months I would get a salary of 10,000 Rs Per month. I was dumbstruck.  It is when I am considered in the better half of the class, I am more worried about the other half. This is not just me; it is the story of millions of well educated youths.

   The system is unjust everywhere. The law itself seems unjust, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi or Mr. A. Raja who galloped thousands of crores through scams are free even after being convicted of crime. On the other hand ‘police beats teenage boy to death for petty theft’ is on the news very often and these boys always belong to poor family. Saint Asaraam (some also call him pyasaram) has millions of followers despite of many criminal charges against him, while on the other hand, you will always hear people criticizing Arvind Kejriwal for his methods, no matter how good his intentions are.

   Like Gandhiji, I also experimented with truth but on different context. When I wrote bullshit on my facebook status I got many likes for that, for the stupid humorous two lines which I copied from somewhere but when I shared something about issues which are faced by societies in which I put a lot of efforts to write that just two persons bothered to read it. Again some stupid lines again likes and again some serious issue, it was plainly ignored. Now you decide which post deserved more likes. By the way, I am just citing examples; I am not hungry for likes. How unjust.. isn’t it???

      The political parties are unjust; people from a rich background have more chances to get a ticket in the parties. The citizens of this country are unjust, they are more likely to vote for the person who has more power; he can buy voters with money or fear. Employment system in this country is unjust, they choose candidate from the four rounds of interview. How can anyone judge our personality, attitude or anything for that matter by just talking to us? Even the god himself will find it hard. Why not put the candidate in the real job for some time period and then decide whom to choose and whom not to ?
    If you think those politicians who are running this country deserve the positions they have held, if you think that the persons at the superior positions are better than you. If you think you are getting equal opportunity in jobs, promotions or anywhere, it means the system is fair but I know there will just handful of persons who think it that way. It has been unfair to most of us.  

                   ‘How to improve this system’ is the most difficult question I have been grappling with. No matter what we want to become; a doctor, an engineer, a sportsman, a writer or anything our schooling is same, we study same subjects in schools. Until and unless a man doesn’t acquire enough wealth, power or atleast a criminal case, we don’t consider him as politician. Our behaviour changes from person to person according to his economic status. Why serve that injustice. To change that, we need to change ourselves first so that we will take one step further towards a better tomorrow.

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