Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's stop those organisations from being exploitative

                        Reading newspaper is my favorite time pass in the morning. This is not only a source of news and information but I also gain insights to the life of common people. By common here I mean all those middle class families and persons who constitute largest part in the population and face common issues. While going through news in today’s newspaper, where restaurant owners pleaded with folded hands before green tribunal to not shut their restaurants, the owners gave the reasons that the livelihood of 2000 workers was at stake. The reason is genuine and I also agree that the families of daily wage earners will suffer but tell me honestly how many of you feel that the owners are that much concerned about their life? I believe that not even 90% of those are genuinely interested in the life of their servants.

              One of my professors, who was carrying out research in the case of violence in Maruti plant in Manesar which left one manager dead and 40 injured. He revealed his findings that how those employees got so much frustrated. I don’t know how much truth is there in his findings but I can’t deny after what I had to face when I had to join an organisation for internship, I had to deny the proposal. Let me share the story of the employees there. The employees were on a tight schedule without appropriate breaks. The equipment and dress which they had to wear use to eat up all the time which they used to get in brakes in keeping them in their appropriate place. If they would be late by even one minute they were given half day salary for that day. One employee’s father kicked the bucket so he had to go to perform rituals but he was denied for that. They told him we don’t care if you would not be here in three days you would be fired and he had to lose his job. The immediate reason which resulted in violence was workers were asked to reach factory premises one hour earlier without any compensation. This wasn’t mentioned in any newspaper. 
                       This is the story of an international company which shows in their balance sheet that they are spending millions in social work. What is the use of that if they don’t care about their own employees? This is happening in almost all multinationals and big firms.  If you don’t agree then show me examples.

     Even I faced similar situation when I applied for internship in organizations. Most of them are taking full work from us without any inclusion of training or workshop still paying meager amount and support it by arguing that we should be more than happy because atleast we are getting something for internship period. These companies are asking us to completely isolate our personal life.  If they care about anything is just profit on the cost of our life.  We are slave to them. Now I understand why most of my friend wanted to join government organizations.

   You must have faced similar situations or you may have seen it from your own eyes. Now let’s unite together and expose them. We should stop those organizations from going that big that they can exploit their employees without any fear of law. Join this campaign so that we will build a better tomorrow for everyone.