Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Need of lessening the gap between Poverty and Prosperity

                 India, a majestic country, is growing at the second fastest rate economically. Enter into this country through Delhi or Mumbai, look around at the infrastructure, business hubs, educated population etc., all these tell us the story of growth. Indian businessmen are making their way to some of the wealthiest persons in the world. Brand India is becoming more and more popular among the western countries. Companies like Walmart and IKEA are paving their way to enter this country keeping in mind the increasing purchasing power of the citizens of this country. These might be some reasons to cheer about but the ground reality is totally different.

                More than half of the population is living under poverty. One-third of the population is in extreme poverty. This class is vulnerable to exploitation, diseases, drugs addiction and many kinds of negative things. These are the people most affected by natural calamities. Lack of education and awareness makes these people devoid of employed, consequently, forcing them to enter into world of crime. 
            Poverty and prosperity both coexist here but we can say poverty in more rampant here. Thousands of children can be seen walking on foot to their government school in any crowded street in Delhi in comparison to some fifty children would be found sitting on their SUVs making way to any international school. Despite of more than 60 years of Independence, the government has failed to bridge the gap between haves and have nots. This economic division is becoming more and more dangerous for this country for the youths who don’t get the same opportunity on jobs (or anywhere else, where they are discriminated because of their economic level).  
                Increasing crimes rates and involvement of mostly poor people shows the frustration brought by this gap. The rich flaunt their prosperity in such a way that it makes fun of those people who can’t afford to have that luxury. People’s behaviour also changes towards person depending on their prosperity level, no matter how inhumanely or corruptly he had acquired that immense wealth. Why rich people are getting richer and poor people are becoming poorer? This question needs serious debate on the part of policy makers of this country. The government should improve the level of education and bring it on par with those costly international schools or the government. Education should also be more customized for different group of students, student with different ambitions and future plans should get different kind of education.
          Has anyone wondered about why people from developing countries are in the wealthiest persons list ?  It might make you feel happy that many Indians are in the billionaire list but it certainly makes me sick. They have made their way to the list because millions of people never got the opportunity in all those businesses where a single family owns hundreds of business. They suppressed their less wealthy competitors by bribing government agencies for approval. How do you suppose these conglomerates are specialized in every business they are in, from telecom to glass making, from salt to automobile? I will never get amused by the growth rate unless I will see the happiness in the face of poor. Though if the poor remains poor after getting equal opportunities in comparison to rich people, then it’s not anyone’s fault, then I will not condemn rich.   

               I know if everybody is provided with equal opportunity despite of their economic status, I believe that the gap between rich and poor will be bridged. There won’t be any billionaire like Ambanis and there won’t be any poor like a landless farmer and that will be when we will be heading towards a better tomorrow.

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