Thursday, April 9, 2015

Small things which we can do to spread happiness all around

They might not have all the material things which you possess but they are more happy than you because they choose to be happy

             I know living in this world is getting more and more difficult. Life has become so much stressful especially in metropolitan cities. There's no other choice for you to live because of various reasons of which you must be well aware of. And there are things which most of us do to make matters worse and that is; BEING RUDE

Before I proceed I would like to share something which happened to me and I am sure you must have faced similar situations in your life ( and if you are living in Delhi, the chances are very likely):
                      Some months ago while working with my previous company I was asked to go to house of secretary of the society and ask for the permission to put up some banners of our company as part of the marketing project which was undertaken by us. So my colleague and I went to the secretary's house and rang the bell. A lady came rushing in, seemingly unhappy with the fact that we disturbed her pathetic and miserable life where she used to pretend happy and content but from inside she must be as lonely as every rich persons in this city, and irritatingly bursted out " why are you ringing my bell"? Surprised with the rudeness of her we told her that we want to meet his husband for the above mentioned reason. "He is not home"came the reply though not rudely as before but still below the parameters of politeness. Then my friend asked one question which made her loose every bit of tamper and that sensational question was "when will he return"? Shocked...???? Yeah that's exactly how we felt. She started it all again... "who are you ?? why should I tell you....... Blah blah blah !!! At last I just smiled at her  and left without saying anything.
                       What was the outcome of all that? All three of us were filled with negativity. What better could have been??

 Now the alternate scenario which would have left  all of us happy and brimming with positivity.
           I rang the bell and a lady came smiling and politely asked " Yes, how may I help you". We tell her the reason she says her husband is not at home right now but we can come later in the evening when he will be home. We smile and leave with respect filled in the heart for her for being such a polite person. This could have made the day for all of us.

                       But the latter scenario is usually rare not all extinct but rare.

The question is why do we behave in such a way and make already glum life worse. Don't we have a better option ? Yes we do have many other options. So I am going to talk about the


1. SMILE:  Yes I know you have heard it many times before and still you don't follow it. This is the most simplest and easy thing you can do to spread positivity in the air. It will cost you nothing, in fact, it will make you feel happy from inside. So promise me you will always smile when you see someone approaching you. Even if he asks for you to do something which you don't want to do you don't have to put off your smile, you just need to refuse politely.

2. BE GENTLE:  Always be gentle in your behaviour. For some people being rude is the way of life don't forget what goes around comes around. So make this world a better place to live just by being polite to everyone. Even if somebody comes at you rudely just answer politely with a smile he will obviously feel sorry for his behaviour, although he won't show it but he will feel it inside.

3. TALK TO STRANGERS: This is what I too have to work on. Believe me everyone likes to do it but they are hesitant to start first but as soon as the other person starts it, they start speaking like they have been waiting for it. You too must have observed the same. Imagine you are travelling long distance in a public transport and everybody is busy with himself/herself, no one's talking to each other. Does this look happy? This isn't giving us good feeling. Now imagine the same journey but this time everybody is talking with the persons sitting next to them, sharing thier life experiences. The latter situation is giving us positive vibes, This has been proven by some researches. It has been reported that people who strike up a conversation are more happier than those who doesn't.

4. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Last week Marketing head of my company threw a party. After having our dinner at a restraunt when we were moving out of there I saw him greeting the gatekeeper which brought a wide smile on his face which looked gloomy before. This not only brought happiness to him but it sent a positivity to all of us and increased respect for our marketing head. Is it too hard to be done? Of course not. This is something everyone can do but they choose not to. Many times we see someone struggling with their baggage we can extend a helping hand. There could be many things which will bring joy to them as well as us.

5. LOVE YOURSELF: You need to love yourself in order to make yourself happy. By loving yourself doesn't mean that you need to be arrogant, by this I mean love good things about yourself and try to do them more. When you will be happy then only you can make others happy.

6. BE FORGIVING: Everyone in this world holds on to grudges which makes them unable to feel happiness. A giant leap towards happiness can be forgive all who have done bad things to you. This will free yourself of all the negativity which will make way for positivity to come in. You will now be able to feel happiness from small things.

7. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: We all have many wants and they keep on increasing. Material things can't bring you long lasting happiness. Happiness comes from within. Feel the happiness first from all the things you already have, when you're finished with that then only make a wish for new thing. You will realize how happy you can be.

  You must have heard these advice before but still you haven't followed them. Constant reminding of these ideas can make you follow these simple things so that my wish of living in my dream world where happiness is all around can come true. Stay Happy Stay Blessed. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

There are reasons People from North-east are my favourite !!!

Do the beautiful people with beautiful culture deserve what's been happening to them in Metro Cities??   No ..Right?

       Some 4 years ago, while strolling down the lanes of Kotla Mubarakpur colony near south extension – 1, I used to see a lot of people (mostly young ones) from North- east. They looked content and happy in their expressions, far different from the noisy localites who always look dissatisfied and angry from their expressions. I was completely mesmerized by the way they were living happily and contently in this difficult city. Little did I know then that in the coming years they will become the victim of racial discrimination without any reason except their facial features and language. Can you believe it ?? People getting discriminated on the basis of their looks only and that also in Modern Day India. Shameful and Disgusting !!! isn’t it?

      Everybody knows, without any doubt, that these people are the most calm and peace loving people in this country as compared to other states. Delhi is infamous for its rudeness and lack of basic social etiquettes among most of its people.  So this kind of behavior is inevitable from the city residents. Targeting this peaceful community also solidifies my belief that Delhites target only those whom they are capable of targeting. If you want to have a first-hand experience of this you just have to use public transportation, whether buses or metro trains this will be evident everywhere.  What’s more shocking to me was the fact that not only Delhi but cities like Banglore have also witnessed this kind of discrimination against people from North-east. Earlier I had a good opinion about people of South- India as they seemed less violent and calm people to me. Sometimes I wonder this is due to the stressed out lifestyle or is it the people and their culture but whatever be the reason, something’s wrong with this country. What pains me most is the fact that bad things always happens to good people.

              There are many reasons which make them favorite to me among all other communities. Those reasons are solely based on my observation and personal opinion they might be true or they might not be true but I would like to share them all with you so that they get all the respect they truly deserve:

  • Their society respects women and they are not patriarchal like all other communities of our country.
  •  I read newspapers a lot and there is rarely any crime in which I see people fromNortheast are involved.
  • They are less violent than others while families from communities keep fighting with their neighbors, their colleagues or any other persons they come in contact, they seem in harmony with each other with their smiling faces.
  • I like to see people around me dressed fashionably and which other community you see more fashionable than theirs.
  • They are less disturbing than others and talk softly. On the other hand we, north Indians.. Do I need to explain more?
  • They give respect to all despite of the fact that they don’t get the same respect in return from some rude bastards. 

You may wonder,  inspite of all the above mentioned nice things still these good people are targeted. I think this has nothing to do with them, in fact, it has more to do with the frustration and depression the people are bearing here, which is more aggravated with the competition faced everywhere.  Whatever be the reason again I want to stress on one thing “good things should happen with good people”. People from there are not only beautiful from outside but they are good-hearted too. So they should feel proud of themselves. If India were full of these people this country would have been far better than it really is. On this note I hope for the best for them so that India takes one more step "Towards A Better Tomorrow".

Friday, October 17, 2014

Crooked 'they' and Pathetic 'we'

                     Last week hasn’t been a great week.  A news came pouring in about a friend’s father who kicked the bucket last week and some two days later another news came about the demise of another friend’s father and then next morning I got my bicycle stolen from the room we recently shifted to. Nothing can be done in the two of the former cases but something can be done on the latter case so I decided to file a report in the police station. Thing which disturbed me most was, when I went to report this theft to the police station they were reluctant to file a report and then I came to know, despite of many bicycles were stolen from the area on the same night why only I went to Police station to file a report.  This incident will bring forth the sad fact which most of you are already aware of and some of you would have experienced this humiliation at first hand.
Some have lost their life on duty : Salute
        Early in the morning when I was dreaming of something which I don’t remember now, I heard a distant voice which came nearer to me with every second, someone shouting something and it took me a little long to realize that the person shouting  was the landlady who was informing us that bicycles were stolen. Then she was explaining how his son woke up to go to Airport at half past three and he noticed they (By ‘they’ I mean both the cycles, his and mine tied by the same thin chain which the thief broke by just two strikes of hammer) were there but when he came back at fifteen minutes to five he notices that they were gone.  He searched all around but those were nowhere to be found.  After a little while I came to know that there were many bicycles stolen from the area.

         This story takes a interesting turn when I went to see my cousin off to school who was going to Surat to participate in national championship of chess of KV schools. Next to the school there’s a police station of our area. So I went into the police station in the morning outside the reporting office I saw two policemen were loading something into the truck. I asked them where can I file a report he showed me the direction with his hand. I went inside the office where I saw some six or seven policemen there most of whom were middle-aged and looked so wickedly experienced.  The first man whom I met at the door was a young constable who was busy with something and told me to sit. When I told him why I have come to the station he shook his head in affirmative and I was assured of them being helpful. He showed me the table where a constable in his early fifties was sitting and gossiping with others, who were also of his age, perhaps elder. When I narrated them the story, their expressions changed and there appeared a mocking smile on everyone’s face. After that started the round of persuading me to not file a report of that thing like it was not worth a single penny, like it wasn’t a crime at all to steal bicycles. I was made to feel embarrassed for filing a report for a pretty little thing, a bicycle. Nobody was interested in chasing the bicycle thieves. They gave excuses that they have bigger robberies to solve, which were never going to be solved anyway except a few which make headlines in the newspaper.
They are doing their duty : Slap

                 Same thing happened to me earlier when I went to report a theft of my mobile and they made me run pillar to post, from one police station to other and finally they filed a missing report because they don’t have to do a single thing apart from filing a report on missing cases.
    I was angry with the whole police department, cursing everyone in that system and then I read news of a constable who was shot dead by criminals in Rohini and again a heroic incident in which police solved a mystery of Dhaulakuan Gang Rape case and happy to know how the perpetrators were brought to justice. The black sheep of the department are outnumbered in that system especially the senior ones who are experienced in how to escape work.  The department is capable of solving more than 90% of cases but they are not willing to. People like me are helpless because we neither have courage nor support to stand against the system so we can take out our frustration on the posts and people like you, most of whom won’t even read it fully, who will read it will feel a gust of anger for a while and forget it afterwards like nothing has happened.

  Question is how are we going to head ‘Towards a better tomorrow’?? Any idea?? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

That’s why I never joined any Taekwondo classes

     When I reached home today, I saw my cousin getting ready for Taekwondo classes. Looking at his bright white dress, I dived into memories which were almost faded and came back to me abruptly. That incident was special because that’s when I decided not to learn Taekwondo.
     Want to know the reasons????? then scroll down and read below.            
       While I was young I had seen other kids dressed up in remarkable ways with different colours of belt, on the back side of it written  ‘Taekwondo’ in bold letters.  They used to practice in an open area. I was very much fascinated by them. One day when I saw one of my classmates dressed in that white suit, my determination grew stronger out of envy. I reached home in the evening and asked my mother for it. Mother denied saying “I don’t have a single paisa, only I know how I manage household expenses with this meager money”. When I kept insisting she told me helplessly ‘Ask your father’.
         When father came home drunk,  I went to him and said  ‘papa I want Rs 200 to submit my  Taekwondo fee.   He answered amusingly ‘beta, I will make you learn it, just get kicked by me and you will learn it’. Had it been occurred to my siblings it would be amusing to me but when it happened to me I didn’t find it funny, not at all, not at least to me.  I knew my attempts would be futile but still I tried them.  I even went to bed without having my dinner but all in vain. 
       My desire for it was suppressed deep down within me. One day a classmate of mine told me that his brother teaches this form of martial art and charges just Rs.30. I knew I could manage it somehow,  atleast for a month. My friend told me to come to his home after school. I had been to his home twice so there wasn't any problem finding it. he lived in a  slum-like colony but slightly better than that, atleast they had pucca houses. He took me to the roof, where another of my classmate (his best friend) and his brother was waiting for me. His brother asked us to stretch our legs.  One of them  stretched his legs and the younger brother was standing still and watching us. I tried but couldn't stretch my legs as far as he was capable of.  His brother and other friend came to me to hold my legs. My one foot was in the other friends’ hands and another was on elder brothers’ hands and both pulled my legs to opposite directions. I cried in pain and pleaded them to stop but they went on for two minutes and those two minutes felt like two hours. Tears were rolling down through my eyes. When they were done, I felt like to get up and punch them in their face but the thought of repercussion of that made me stop.  I got up and pretended like I was fine though my legs were hurting, somehow my expression failed me and showed them I was in pain. This made them amused.
         The class was over  and his brother instructed me to come tomorrow at the same time. I nodded. While returning home, thinking of the incident gave me shudder and angered me. I felt betrayed though it wasn’t betrayal actually. That day I decided not to join any Taekwondo classes.  
    Oh Come on !!!! You don't have to feel sad, I am laughing out loud here...... :D 

Thanks for the Advice

 One thing which is closely associated with Indians is their habit of giving stupid suggestions and advice though not always stupid, most of the time which are unsought too.  Nonetheless, we sometimes go to our friends to get some advice on something or other.  In my lifetime I have also had asked my friends for some advice many times, despite of the fact that the matters on which I have had sought advice they were no better than me.  I have also given many advices to my friends.  Following up on those advices have lend us all in embarrassments.  Let’s see how:

When I acted on my friend’s advice 

  Some 15 years ago when I was still in primary school, one thing common with me and two of my friends was our peculiar routine; we used to run fast without stopping until we were ahead of everyone of our school mates.  In just a matter of 20 minutes  we would reach our homes which usually took 40 minutes for others. One of them was fastest among us who also was the skinniest one .  When I asked about the reason of his being the fastest one, “I don’t eat Jalebis with Milk” came the reply. I was stupid enough to believe.

                Once, following on our daily routine, after we bade goodbye to the fastest one as he had the closest destination, two of us were on our way home when I felt cramping in my stomach. I told my friend about it.  We chose the less crowded way to get back home.  I shouted “please do something” and he was trying hard to control his laughter. I was aware of the fact that I was seeking advice from a friend who poops thrice a week in his pants, I have heard her scolding him many times while washing his shit-smeared pants but that time it didn’t come to my mind besides I had no other choice. I was really tensed giving frequently changing expressions trying hard to hold it He advices me to jump high and lift my legs high one by one and when I followed his advice it aggravated the situation further then I felt a sharp pain and shouted   SHIT!!!! and like the obedient pupil it came oozing out in my pants.  I felt relieved but embarrassed too.  The prospect of being sighted in this situation by someone known made me feel like crying. I ran to my home and the poop got rolled down my pants. I lived in the uppermost floor of four storey building and in ground floor one of our relative lived. They saw me coming and before they could say anything I started crying out loud saying “I’ve pooped my pants”. What happened thereafter I don’t remember but the embarrassment I can’t forget. 

When My friend acted on my advice

           This incident is the recent one when I visited my friend he had this severe itching in the part under his leg and around that area. I suggested him to go to a doctor before it gets worse. He asked what should I say to doctor about where the itching is. I told him to say that itching is in ‘vaginal parts’. At first he laughed but later I convinced him by giving the example that like the pocket on men’s shirt is called breast-pocket likewise the area is called ‘Vaginal part’. He was convinced and the next day he visited a lady doctor along with his mother.  When he told about the itching in vaginal part the doctor got angry and scolded “Are you a girl? Don’t you know vagina is only found in women”? And he couldn’t say anything apart from giving an embarrassed smile. When he met me the next day and narrated the incident I laughed my heart out.

     Next time you have to seek advice of your friends think over it before acting on it J

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The prisoner of conscience: The Iron Lady

Agonies which she is enduring gloriously
             A shudder goes through all over my body when I try to walk in the shoes of ‘the iron lady’ of India, a woman who hasn’t taken a meal voluntarily since last 13 years, government had to force-feed her and charge her with attempt to commit suicide.  It forces us to wonder how a law could be so draconian that it can make her spent over 13 years of her crucial life in hunger strike.  How could giving few additional rights to Army make someone fast unto death, it could not, unless these same rights can make armed forces kill innocent civilians, rape someone and never get prosecuted and if some of that have occurred right in front of your eyes than it makes less hard to imagine why Irom Sharmila Chanu has been on fast since last 13 years to repeal the AFSPA.
                      It all started on November 2, 2000 when armed forces killed 10 innocent civilians, including 62 year old lady and 18 year old girl (a national bravery award winner), who were waiting for a bus in Malon, a town close to the capital city of Imphal. The matter was brought to court and the other party (Assam Rifles) claimed that insurgents had attempted to bomb the paramilitary convoy and the civilians died in cross firing. Lives were wasted but no one was brought to justice.  It’s hard to imagine the agonies she must have went through all these years, separated from her family and close ones and spending most of the time in the hospitals with a nasogastric intubation inserted through her nose.  No wonder why her supporters have given her the name ‘Iron-lady’. 

           I don’t know how righteous her cause is but the pain she has endured to bring peace to her hill-state is incredible. The government has its reasons to support the act and she has other reasons to fight against the act but one thing of which I am sure that she deserves far more attention and praise than what she is getting because her intentions are quite righteous.  Had it been other developed countries like some European countries, she would have gathered a huge support but our countries’ youths are more obsessed with Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities and most of who would never have done any heroic activities in their lives apart from giving donations here and there.

        Her news has travelled far and wide which brought attention of many international organizations yet she is facing apathy from her own country’s citizens.  My aim to write article about her was to bring attention of people to her cause because it deserved contemplation of general people. Her heroics need to be spread far and wide and most importantly the state finds its peace for which she is fighting for.  I would appeal to my friends and fellow citizens that come out from this hibernation of not standing for a cause or at least give her moral support so that peace could be brought not just for the hill state but for the country. Come out from obsession of reel heroes and follow real heroes who are suffering for us so that we could live in peace. They are  the ones who are fighting to make this world a better place not the actors who are getting paid in millions.

Kudos to the iron lady!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Autowala’s Menace

'Beware of the Autowallas'
        Recently I read news which was making a buzz in social media which was about the auto raid, conducted in Bangalore by 700 cops in plain clothes which resulted in fine of over 3000 auto drivers and seizure of 400 autos. Since I have been their victim too, I also felt glad. I extend my support and appreciation for this initiative which should also be replicated by other cities too especially Delhi and Hyderabad. I have had my share of pain whenever I had to catch an auto. Not all experiences were bad but most of them were. I have first-hand experience of this auto menace in different cities which I want to share with you all. Let me share my experience with autowallas city by city.

The Rude ones at Delhi

The autowallas here are the rudest among other cities of this country. If you want to experience it you just need to start bargaining. ‘Customer is King’ do not applies here with auto drivers here they are king and you are at the mercy of them. At nights you are at more pathetic situation. Whether you are Rich or poor, they do not hesitate in looting passengers by overcharging. There are many incidents where they have robbed the passengers and killed them too. If you are fortunate here you might find some good ones too who charge by meters and are well behaved. From what I have experienced so far I will rate them 4 in the scale of 10.

The greedy ones at hyderabad

Well-spoken with Hyderabadi accent, only one thing that wasn’t good about them is their greed (overcharging). They will compete with other autowalas to take you to your destination. There was hardly any driver who refused to go. During my five days stay I was only once charged by meter, most of the time we had to settle the price before hiring. That’s the thing which made my ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ little bitter, only little.

 The Worst one at Banglore

 This was the most disturbing thing about Banglore. These are the lot I hate most ‘The Bangalorian Autowallas’. Though they are not rude like Delhi’s, but they are the most exorbitant priced, especially when you are hindi-speaking. When I got there I was impressed by their English speaking capability (that’s where I can’t stop being Indian) but little I knew about their ruthlessness. I could not find a single auto driver who will charge me by meter. It was always one and half or more. Once my friends and I ended up giving 500 Rupees to the auto driver and that too in the morning (not night). That’s why the news about auto raid was so gratifying to me.

The best ones at Mumbai

I always wonder why people in Mumbai complain about their autowallas. They should visit Bangalore then they will know how ruthless auto drivers can be. If compared to the autowallas of other metro cities, they are the best ones I have seen.  The thing which impressed me was not only charging by meter but returning every single Rupee which remains with them. First time when I hired an autorikshaw, the meter said 23.45 Rs I gave him 30 Rs and I wasn’t even expecting return of 5 Rs but quite surprised to get 7 Rs in return. I was never overcharged there.

    These are my personal views and experiences, you might have experienced differently. The Bangalore auto raid might not guarantee the complete solution but it will better the situation for sure. These things affect the common man most that is why they should be addressed on priority basis so that we head ‘Towards a better tomorrow’ for everyone.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Narendra Modi; As a victim and beneficiary

Sure my heart goes out to him for being victimized by calling him 'anti-secular and anti-muslim' but not my vote because I still think Kejriwal is better choice this time.
Lok Sabha elections are round the corner and the word which is making a lot of buzz is ‘NaMo’ referred to ‘Narendra Modi’. No one can deny he was the main reason of BJP in winning of the State assembly elections in some of the states except Delhi.  Delhi was riding that time in the ‘Kejriwal’ wave.
 A term ‘politics’ which was earlier associated with evil is now gaining popularity, especially among the youth.  Now the chances are rare that someone will interrupt you with the old saying “would you please stop talking about politics?” I am very curious and inquisitive when it comes to know what others have in their mind besides that I also try to know why it is so.

     In political matters you won’t find everyone very logical, they all seem to be driven by different factors. As for me, I think corruption is the root cause of all other problems and because of this every government department in inefficient, facilities have worsened etc., that is why all other concerns have taken a back seat and you may easily guess whom I would want to vote for this election. I went through many articles and talked with people whoever I met in buses or elsewhere.  Based on which the conclusion I came down were shocking and sound detrimental to the future of this country.    

      In present scenario I personally see ‘Narendra Modi’ as a victim and beneficiary both:


Most of the persons would see it or not, especially persons relating to non-BJP parties would find it very hard to believe but I really think that he must be feeling himself victimized by the ‘anti-muslim’ remark because he has never done any act and there are no concrete evidence against him which can prove him as that. Being a ‘Hindutva-vadi’ doesn’t mean he is ‘anti-muslim’. I don’t think he is the best person for the prime minister post but that doesn’t mean that I disrespect him. It’s just Arvind Kejriwal is better person for the post at the moment. I have many muslim friends and when I tried to strike a conversation with them regarding the ‘Narendra Modi’ I was very surprised by their reply. Their reply was way far from logic, they seemed to hate Modi and they were ready to vote anyone except Modi. I was very disappointed with this because they were not the backward or deprived one, they were the prosperous, well-educated and well-travelled persons. If they make their decision this way then what you expect from less educated and deprived section.
        Communal elements should never reach the parliament but a person who is religious should not be branded as communal, atleast not without proper evidence.  I read his blog where he has written that he was shaken to the core by communal riots. He really would have been suffered in pain and agony of accusations upon him which he did not perpetrate.
    I don’t understand why someone don’t brand ‘Farhan Azmi’ (Son of Abu Azmi and husband of Ayesha Takia) for going mum when asked about what he will do for non-Muslims in a news channel when he was making many statements what he will do to Muslims. On what terms he thinks that people of Mubai will vote for him. ‘How dumb of him’! J


Looking at the current scenario, it can easily be concluded that many Muslims are uniting against Modi for the apparent reason which is not logical enough. If they brand Modi as non-secular that what is this activity of theirs is. This will hurt the democracy and the future of India and it surely is unfortunate to see India in this situation despite of the economic and other achievements it has achieved in last two decades. If the 17 %(approx) population unite against him like this then what do they expect their counterparts to do? This will also polarize some Hindu voters too.
  I also can’t deny the fact that many Hindu people too are voting for Modi just because he is a Hindutva-brigadier. I have seen who supported Kejriwal’s campaign earlier turning against him just because he can stop Modi from gaining majority. They only reason for turning them against Kejriwal and in this way they have forgotten all the good works done by him. He has become their enemy now. All issues have forgotten, this election has become battle of religion ‘unfortunately’.

MY TAKE ON MODI  (Excellent administrator)

No wonder he is the strongest candidate. There are some good reasons and some bad reasons too. One good reason is the development which the ‘Gujrat’ state has achieved during his tenure as chief minister and the bad reason is he is gaining momentum because of his proverbial Hindutva. As far as I am concerned I want Arvind Kejriwal to be the prime minister more than I want to see Modi as PM.

(The comment which are made are my personal opinion based on whatever I have observed so far and not intended to accuse any religion in particular)

   My Appeal to you : Must Vote and more importantly your decision should be based on issues not on religion or caste. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Monday, April 7, 2014

That small town in the hills

A Beautiful View of 'That small town in the hills'
There’s a small town in the hills where I was born,
 where you can see the fields of wheat and corn!
Situated in the hills and surrounded by greenery,
you bet this place is full of picturesque scenery!!

Hardships of life there doesn’t affect the humility,
everything they will do not to lessen the credibility!
 No matter how much they suffer anguish and fear,
you will notice in the face it is a smile they wear!!

Living there I too had my share of joy and sorrow,
memories of there I embrace today and tomorrow!
Whether men or women everybody is benevolent,
you are less likely to meet someone so malevolent!!

Prior to my coming out it was a blessing in disguise,
life in big cities appeared as a complete surprise!
Hard to find the compassion content and serenity,
in order to survive you have to sell your dignity!!

Fed up with this life which I’m living in the fast lane,
wasting big portion of my life in buses and trains!
Scorching heat materialistic life and selfishness kills,
 I badly want to return to that small town in the hills!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't let this hypocracy ruin us this time

        Few days ago when I was reading a newspaper in the morning I happened to read an article in the editorial section written by Nidhi Kaith and I can’t tell you how much I coincide with the opinion of her about the ‘Aam Aadmi’.  She believes that Aam Aadmi is divided into two sections; one section is victim of the system and the other one is what we should be wary of; a perfect hypocrite. The latter one is dangerous to the democratic system like India. He idolizes someone who is fighting corruption like Kejriwal or Ashok Khemka but craves to live aristocratic life. He demands equality when he thinks he is victimized by inequality of some sort but also takes pride in being a Hindu, muslim, sikh, etc.

      The worst of hypocrites are our politicians, they seem to oppose tooth and nail the controversy surrounding the person on the opposite party but when similar kind of controversy surrounds their own party person they try to make every possible effort to defend him. Tune on to any news channel to watch discussions or debate on those matters you won’t find any of the party representatives making logical comments. Everywhere you go, anyone you see you will find everyone is divided into party supporters, and there aren’t any issues, no concerns just party support. They are loyal to the extent that they have almost turned blind to their party’s wrongdoings. No matter what their party or the leader is doing or saying they will support them in every case.

    If I had to give award for the emerging hypocrite award, I will give it to media. The same media who made Kejriwal  ‘Apple of  everyone’s eye’ after winning elections now turned against him so aggressively together and was trying hard to  project him as a devil, when he said ‘If he will come to power he will jail every corrupt persons in the media”. Editor of a news channel went to such an extent that he broadcasted an hour long episode, collecting and editing every footage he was able to, doing everything which could be done to malign the image of him. I don’t understand why he took the remark ‘corrupt person in media’ personally and was so agonized in anger that instead of showing ‘what was important at that point of time’ (current news) he used his status to vent out his anger. You guessed it right I am talking about the India news. Now what can we expect from this media.  The same media which agreed to broadcast the edited version of video showing Shazia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas and other members of AAP party at negative side. Why did they agree to play the edited footage why didn’t they ask for the raw footage and when the truth was found out no one apologized. Don’t they have any responsibility towards society? Aren’t they required to investigate about the authenticity and reliability of the news and evidence they get before broadcasting it to the general public?

      Finally, I am also little disappointed with Kejriwal as well. He looked determined to change the politics and in some ways he has succeeded too some extent. We saw a change in the faces of the opposition; every party was looking for honest candidates in the Delhi assembly elections. But now it seems like Kejriwal is also falling down with his standards which he himself set. Recently we can see him hurling allegations and criticizing, he is still the best choice for us though; one fault cannot surpass the million things which he did right. I would certainly like to see him emphasizing on what good he will do to the society rather than criticizing opposite party members.

    Let’s hope this election, we will get rid of our hypocrisy and vote for a better tomorrow for India.