Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't let this hypocracy ruin us this time

        Few days ago when I was reading a newspaper in the morning I happened to read an article in the editorial section written by Nidhi Kaith and I can’t tell you how much I coincide with the opinion of her about the ‘Aam Aadmi’.  She believes that Aam Aadmi is divided into two sections; one section is victim of the system and the other one is what we should be wary of; a perfect hypocrite. The latter one is dangerous to the democratic system like India. He idolizes someone who is fighting corruption like Kejriwal or Ashok Khemka but craves to live aristocratic life. He demands equality when he thinks he is victimized by inequality of some sort but also takes pride in being a Hindu, muslim, sikh, etc.

      The worst of hypocrites are our politicians, they seem to oppose tooth and nail the controversy surrounding the person on the opposite party but when similar kind of controversy surrounds their own party person they try to make every possible effort to defend him. Tune on to any news channel to watch discussions or debate on those matters you won’t find any of the party representatives making logical comments. Everywhere you go, anyone you see you will find everyone is divided into party supporters, and there aren’t any issues, no concerns just party support. They are loyal to the extent that they have almost turned blind to their party’s wrongdoings. No matter what their party or the leader is doing or saying they will support them in every case.

    If I had to give award for the emerging hypocrite award, I will give it to media. The same media who made Kejriwal  ‘Apple of  everyone’s eye’ after winning elections now turned against him so aggressively together and was trying hard to  project him as a devil, when he said ‘If he will come to power he will jail every corrupt persons in the media”. Editor of a news channel went to such an extent that he broadcasted an hour long episode, collecting and editing every footage he was able to, doing everything which could be done to malign the image of him. I don’t understand why he took the remark ‘corrupt person in media’ personally and was so agonized in anger that instead of showing ‘what was important at that point of time’ (current news) he used his status to vent out his anger. You guessed it right I am talking about the India news. Now what can we expect from this media.  The same media which agreed to broadcast the edited version of video showing Shazia Ilmi, Kumar Vishwas and other members of AAP party at negative side. Why did they agree to play the edited footage why didn’t they ask for the raw footage and when the truth was found out no one apologized. Don’t they have any responsibility towards society? Aren’t they required to investigate about the authenticity and reliability of the news and evidence they get before broadcasting it to the general public?

      Finally, I am also little disappointed with Kejriwal as well. He looked determined to change the politics and in some ways he has succeeded too some extent. We saw a change in the faces of the opposition; every party was looking for honest candidates in the Delhi assembly elections. But now it seems like Kejriwal is also falling down with his standards which he himself set. Recently we can see him hurling allegations and criticizing, he is still the best choice for us though; one fault cannot surpass the million things which he did right. I would certainly like to see him emphasizing on what good he will do to the society rather than criticizing opposite party members.

    Let’s hope this election, we will get rid of our hypocrisy and vote for a better tomorrow for India.

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