Friday, April 11, 2014

Narendra Modi; As a victim and beneficiary

Sure my heart goes out to him for being victimized by calling him 'anti-secular and anti-muslim' but not my vote because I still think Kejriwal is better choice this time.
Lok Sabha elections are round the corner and the word which is making a lot of buzz is ‘NaMo’ referred to ‘Narendra Modi’. No one can deny he was the main reason of BJP in winning of the State assembly elections in some of the states except Delhi.  Delhi was riding that time in the ‘Kejriwal’ wave.
 A term ‘politics’ which was earlier associated with evil is now gaining popularity, especially among the youth.  Now the chances are rare that someone will interrupt you with the old saying “would you please stop talking about politics?” I am very curious and inquisitive when it comes to know what others have in their mind besides that I also try to know why it is so.

     In political matters you won’t find everyone very logical, they all seem to be driven by different factors. As for me, I think corruption is the root cause of all other problems and because of this every government department in inefficient, facilities have worsened etc., that is why all other concerns have taken a back seat and you may easily guess whom I would want to vote for this election. I went through many articles and talked with people whoever I met in buses or elsewhere.  Based on which the conclusion I came down were shocking and sound detrimental to the future of this country.    

      In present scenario I personally see ‘Narendra Modi’ as a victim and beneficiary both:


Most of the persons would see it or not, especially persons relating to non-BJP parties would find it very hard to believe but I really think that he must be feeling himself victimized by the ‘anti-muslim’ remark because he has never done any act and there are no concrete evidence against him which can prove him as that. Being a ‘Hindutva-vadi’ doesn’t mean he is ‘anti-muslim’. I don’t think he is the best person for the prime minister post but that doesn’t mean that I disrespect him. It’s just Arvind Kejriwal is better person for the post at the moment. I have many muslim friends and when I tried to strike a conversation with them regarding the ‘Narendra Modi’ I was very surprised by their reply. Their reply was way far from logic, they seemed to hate Modi and they were ready to vote anyone except Modi. I was very disappointed with this because they were not the backward or deprived one, they were the prosperous, well-educated and well-travelled persons. If they make their decision this way then what you expect from less educated and deprived section.
        Communal elements should never reach the parliament but a person who is religious should not be branded as communal, atleast not without proper evidence.  I read his blog where he has written that he was shaken to the core by communal riots. He really would have been suffered in pain and agony of accusations upon him which he did not perpetrate.
    I don’t understand why someone don’t brand ‘Farhan Azmi’ (Son of Abu Azmi and husband of Ayesha Takia) for going mum when asked about what he will do for non-Muslims in a news channel when he was making many statements what he will do to Muslims. On what terms he thinks that people of Mubai will vote for him. ‘How dumb of him’! J


Looking at the current scenario, it can easily be concluded that many Muslims are uniting against Modi for the apparent reason which is not logical enough. If they brand Modi as non-secular that what is this activity of theirs is. This will hurt the democracy and the future of India and it surely is unfortunate to see India in this situation despite of the economic and other achievements it has achieved in last two decades. If the 17 %(approx) population unite against him like this then what do they expect their counterparts to do? This will also polarize some Hindu voters too.
  I also can’t deny the fact that many Hindu people too are voting for Modi just because he is a Hindutva-brigadier. I have seen who supported Kejriwal’s campaign earlier turning against him just because he can stop Modi from gaining majority. They only reason for turning them against Kejriwal and in this way they have forgotten all the good works done by him. He has become their enemy now. All issues have forgotten, this election has become battle of religion ‘unfortunately’.

MY TAKE ON MODI  (Excellent administrator)

No wonder he is the strongest candidate. There are some good reasons and some bad reasons too. One good reason is the development which the ‘Gujrat’ state has achieved during his tenure as chief minister and the bad reason is he is gaining momentum because of his proverbial Hindutva. As far as I am concerned I want Arvind Kejriwal to be the prime minister more than I want to see Modi as PM.

(The comment which are made are my personal opinion based on whatever I have observed so far and not intended to accuse any religion in particular)

   My Appeal to you : Must Vote and more importantly your decision should be based on issues not on religion or caste. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

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