Monday, December 9, 2013

It’s not just political party it’s revolution

Can't say anything just a tear drops from the corner of my eyes. After a long battle this win is just the first step towards glorious tomorrow. 
                Elections are over now and AAP has delivered extraordinary results. Nobody thought just one year old party could come up so strongly and uproot the party in power which has been there from almost two hundred years.  People of Delhi have proved that no matter how deep the roots of corrupted, dishonest, communal and looters are grounded; it will take just one broom to sweep them away.  For the first time people had choice for electing an honest party, choosing honest candidates upon whom they could rely on.  Everybody was skeptical whether AAP could make its presence felt to other parties but they had done what no other party could have done. They have created history and brought a new revolution which seemed distant and impossible looking at the past scenarios in India. 

        Parties which came to power have misused the power and resources of this country to their own interest still they came to the power. If we talk taking nation as a whole Congress and BJP were the only players in politics. The ministry was juggling from one to another but people had no other choice. The name politics itself used to bring disgust in mind.  Every honest person who came to change politics was changed by politics. Every faith was lost, every hope was lost but with the advent of Aam Aadmi Party every lost hope and faith was regained.  His way of doing work was way beyond this country’s level. Backing of many known and great personalities made this party stronger.

              One amazing thing which I have realized is that most of the people who are promoting AAP in anyway don’t have any political or personal interest they just want to get rid of all politicians who have defamed politics. There is only one interest associated with them; betterment of this country. Though I always wanted to see these well -deserving people to win but I was still skeptical that AAP could win so many seats.  There’s a reason behind it and for that reason my logical mind was coming to conclusions which wasn’t true.  I have been promoting and supporting Arvind Kejriwal long before he formed political party. Even I liked his practical thinking that without entering into politics it wouldn’t be possible to change it. In buses while travelling, in trains, with fellow students, with friends, with teachers and with everyone I met and got a chance to talk to I directly jumped to politics and emphasized to need to bring his party into the forefront. I was never this much concerned about politics. The same thing is happening with so many people all over India and even Indians all over the world but what made me disappointed was the response I was getting people were giving stupid excuses for not voting him. Some said he is not much experienced in politics. One of my old friend who is also a member of other political party posted a picture in Facebook showing Arvind Ji, Mayawati and Mulayam with caption that vote for them and they will sell your votes to Congress. After the declaration of AAP that he is not going to give or take any support from these corrupt parties that same guy didn’t even reply while I reminded him of that. J

                    I am proved wrong, I thought still most of the people are foolish but I guess I came across only stupid people in buses, classrooms or in any other place whose vote doesn’t count. I feel BJP could
secure so many seats only because people of Delhi were skeptical that AAP couldn’t secure so many seats to form the government but now the people are aware what a broom of aam aadmi could do they are definitely going to vote for AAP in case of reelection.
     Some are suggesting AAP should join hands with BJP and I can guess what is going inside their head. They want change in the politics but they couldn’t give up their attachment with BJP maybe because of communal reasons, if you get what I am saying.

      One thing is clear unlike other politicians, Arvind Kejriwal is man of his words and full of vision. He did what he said, he came up with manifestos in all constituencies. He was the one who was with the general public when they were protesting against in front of Shiela Dikshits house for the inability of making Delhi a safer place for women.  The war is already half won by him as all the parties were fielding candidates with clean image. There is probably less liquor and money distributed this time.  Without it no one could have imagined elections a year ago.

    What a change has come, what a glorious time for democracy, and Delhites have done superb this time. Congratulations to all !!!!!
    This is just a beginning …… Aage Aage Dekho Hota Hai Kya (Let’s see what happens next). This is certainly a giant leap towards a better tomorrow for Delhites. Not it’s time for whole India to wake up.

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