Saturday, February 23, 2013

Save Next Generation

            A newborn baby's mind is like a tabula rasa (blank state) which is then shaped by the forces of society and the environment around him/her. The people we see around us and whatever their nature or personality is, all shaped by the different environment they come into contact.  All the people they ever came into contact with them certainly have some impression to a certain extent on them. 

This world is full of bad personalities too, the persons who are not good for the society, there might be murderers, thieves or any kind of criminals. Whenever we see them or read about them, it’s certain that we may hate them but have you ever thought about why they act that way. A few of them might be in very bad circumstances but most of them have low values in their lives. There are many people who are in acute need of something but they don’t choose the path of crime to fulfill their needs. A person with low values might resort to a path which is not acceptable in society in order to fulfill his/her need. The newspapers are filled with news of crimes, scams or anything which reflects the deteriorating values in lives of people.  Is their life worth living???

I don’t know how fix those spoiled personalities but I think I certainly know how to save the future generations from spoiling, by fixing their childhood. If you are earning money through bad means and you expect your children to be honest and loyal citizen then you are wrong. First of all set examples to them by being honest to your family, to your friends and to your government. I have seen the parents who make a lot of money by wrong means they have no control over kids, their kids are not successful. Just look around you, you will find lots of examples. I have seen those families who are driven by moral values in their life, they are satisfied with their life and their children are doing well in their life. 

Be well managed and treat everyone well at-least in front of your kids because they are going to learn everything what they see. If a person calls you and you don't want to talk just don't tell your children to lie on the phone. 
Teach them moral values. Make them understand how important it is to have values in our lives. Make them realize 'A life without values is like a car without steering'. 
 The future of your kid is in your hand, and the best way to save their future by being a role model to them. This is the least you can do for contributing towards a better world.

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