Friday, October 17, 2014

Crooked 'they' and Pathetic 'we'

                     Last week hasn’t been a great week.  A news came pouring in about a friend’s father who kicked the bucket last week and some two days later another news came about the demise of another friend’s father and then next morning I got my bicycle stolen from the room we recently shifted to. Nothing can be done in the two of the former cases but something can be done on the latter case so I decided to file a report in the police station. Thing which disturbed me most was, when I went to report this theft to the police station they were reluctant to file a report and then I came to know, despite of many bicycles were stolen from the area on the same night why only I went to Police station to file a report.  This incident will bring forth the sad fact which most of you are already aware of and some of you would have experienced this humiliation at first hand.
Some have lost their life on duty : Salute
        Early in the morning when I was dreaming of something which I don’t remember now, I heard a distant voice which came nearer to me with every second, someone shouting something and it took me a little long to realize that the person shouting  was the landlady who was informing us that bicycles were stolen. Then she was explaining how his son woke up to go to Airport at half past three and he noticed they (By ‘they’ I mean both the cycles, his and mine tied by the same thin chain which the thief broke by just two strikes of hammer) were there but when he came back at fifteen minutes to five he notices that they were gone.  He searched all around but those were nowhere to be found.  After a little while I came to know that there were many bicycles stolen from the area.

         This story takes a interesting turn when I went to see my cousin off to school who was going to Surat to participate in national championship of chess of KV schools. Next to the school there’s a police station of our area. So I went into the police station in the morning outside the reporting office I saw two policemen were loading something into the truck. I asked them where can I file a report he showed me the direction with his hand. I went inside the office where I saw some six or seven policemen there most of whom were middle-aged and looked so wickedly experienced.  The first man whom I met at the door was a young constable who was busy with something and told me to sit. When I told him why I have come to the station he shook his head in affirmative and I was assured of them being helpful. He showed me the table where a constable in his early fifties was sitting and gossiping with others, who were also of his age, perhaps elder. When I narrated them the story, their expressions changed and there appeared a mocking smile on everyone’s face. After that started the round of persuading me to not file a report of that thing like it was not worth a single penny, like it wasn’t a crime at all to steal bicycles. I was made to feel embarrassed for filing a report for a pretty little thing, a bicycle. Nobody was interested in chasing the bicycle thieves. They gave excuses that they have bigger robberies to solve, which were never going to be solved anyway except a few which make headlines in the newspaper.
They are doing their duty : Slap

                 Same thing happened to me earlier when I went to report a theft of my mobile and they made me run pillar to post, from one police station to other and finally they filed a missing report because they don’t have to do a single thing apart from filing a report on missing cases.
    I was angry with the whole police department, cursing everyone in that system and then I read news of a constable who was shot dead by criminals in Rohini and again a heroic incident in which police solved a mystery of Dhaulakuan Gang Rape case and happy to know how the perpetrators were brought to justice. The black sheep of the department are outnumbered in that system especially the senior ones who are experienced in how to escape work.  The department is capable of solving more than 90% of cases but they are not willing to. People like me are helpless because we neither have courage nor support to stand against the system so we can take out our frustration on the posts and people like you, most of whom won’t even read it fully, who will read it will feel a gust of anger for a while and forget it afterwards like nothing has happened.

  Question is how are we going to head ‘Towards a better tomorrow’?? Any idea?? 

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