Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where do they go? (Lost mobile phones)

                    Losing something can ruin your joyful day otherwise. Same happened with me while returning from the college. I went to police station to register a compliant with the hope that it can be easily traced as our country has all the technology and resources for that matter.  I lost all hopes  after my friend told me “nothing is going to happen, every day thousands of people lose their cell phones and nobody gets them back”. I wondered why is it happening, despite having all the chances of being caught why aren’t they are afraid of stealing. After contemplating, I concluded that it’s because of inactiveness.

               We have already seen the disastrous lapse when the police chose to ignore a carpenter’s complaint that he had been robbed on the same bus earlier that evening when the gangrape took place. Another rape, this city is again disgraced by the horrific rape of five year old child. The inactiveness and unwillingness of police personnel has again caused more agonies to already suffering parents of that child. The policemen first denied filing a case for the missing child and when the brutalized girl was found in a locked room nearby they tried to bribe the parents with 2000 rupees to get her treated. How insensitive they are? After all they are also human, they too have families and daughters in home and to add salt to the injury, a police official slapped a girl protester. These incidents are ridiculing the system of justice and society of our so called ‘Incredible India’.

       Who do you think the main culprits are? Besides, the perpetrators of that crime the persons who were responsible for the safety and security of this society who failed in doing their duties, the society which is unable to act despite recurrence of these events, the people or me; everyone is responsible. Whenever we hear these types of incidents, the first thing which comes to our mind is that something must be done. It has been years and everyone thought of this thing, nobody did anything. Though some of us went to India gate, lighted candles, several protests in different part of this country, but what results do we get out of these. For a week or two, there will be lot of brouhaha and then the matter will wither away.

             These are the big crimes which are coming into limelight with the help of media, but what about the petty crimes which are happening in every nook and corner of this city. Hundreds of people are looted of their mobile phones and purses every day. When they go to police station to complain about it, they are made to run from pillar to post from one police station to another with the excuse that the place where this happened is not under their jurisdiction and finally when they agree to report they file a missing complaint instead of stolen one. From what I have heard they do so just to escape all the work (which is their duty and for which they get paid) follows after filling of a stolen complaint. These petty crimes are sprouted seeds which are trying to build roots in the ground and if they are not pulled out they will grow to become large trees, pulling out from ground of which will become impossible.  

           We are living in 21st century and in this second fastest developing country which the government claims but I believe we are the fastest degrading country morally and psychologically. We, the great Indian people, cannot get back our lost mobile phones despite of filing complaints and giving all the details to policemen. These things make me ashamed of myself, my country and all the people living in it. Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal thought of changing this country by way of protesting and forming a clean political party respectively but this move is going to take a lot of time, as they are targeting the big trees of evils which stand firm on the ground. We need to hit those small evil roots which can be removed easily, in this way we can prevent them from growing into big trees and spread its poison.

             This laidback attitude of the policemen is encouraging some morally weak persons to commit crime without any fear of being caught. More than 80% of crime can be stopped if we will have prompt reacting police department. More people can be encouraged to raise voices against these crimes when they will get an empathetic staff.  Half of the problem can be solved if we can get the police to act swiftly in these petty crimes. I want to change the situation I have no idea as to how. May be we can protest in Jantar Mantar with FIR copies of our lost mobile phones in hand and will protest till the time we don’t get them back and we can ask mr. Kejriwal to lead our protest as he is the worthy and deserving person who can lead us.Let's unite together and fight for this.

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