Friday, March 29, 2013

We live in a better world than before

                Lately I have been noticing that wherever I go, whoever I talk to, everyone is becoming so pessimist in their life. I don’t understand why they are so cynical about everything. I can’t find a single person who says that he is very much satisfied with his life, with the world and with the people around. You can always find them bemoaning about this world, the degrading values, the corruption, improper law and order in their state etcetera etcetera. They believe that society has lost its way and become deluded by false values like desire for luxury and status.

          Whoever you ask, how it’s like to live in present world, most of them are likely to answer ‘worse’, how it was like to be in the world some 200 years ago, the answer would be ‘better’. Everyone is sending negative vibes to their environment constantly grumbling how the world and particularly the mankind are on the verge of self-destruction. I often find myself wondering about life in historical era. Whenever I contemplate about that I find no reason to believe that our ancestors were better off than us. Let me tell you something which might make you realize that we are living in a better world than our forefathers.

         History is full of exploitation, illiteracy, dictatorship, injustice, wars, blah blah.  Those who think crime rates are more in the present world, to correct you past was full of crimes which were hidden within the family and society. These days newspapers are full of murders, rapes and other crimes but it’s not like past days were crime-free. Past era was full to these but they were not reported because the victims were less likely to get justice. All these incidents are reported because they hope that they will get justice. Poverty was rife and life was difficult. Technology has made our life easier that is why we get more and more time to think about little issues and that is why these little issues seem bigger and bigger the more we get time to think about them.  There was less opportunity to do what we like; there were not many facilities to entertain ourselves. Medical facilities are making life expectancy longer. Status of women was pathetic now they are empowered. Aren't these the reasons to feel happy about living in this contemporary world. 

           I am sure we all are living in a better world than before but I am not sure whether we are living in happier world or not.  In spite of all the things which are making life worthwhile we are not that happy because we as human we take things for granted. We do not feel happy about what we have; we appear to care more about the things which we do not have. This attitude is not letting us enjoy instead of that it’s making us feel deprived. How can we change this? By changing our attitude to life, to this world and by realizing that we are fortunate enough to live in this much peaceful world than before. This world is already a better place; we need to make it a happier place too by just taking our lives from negative to positive. This is how we can create a better tomorrow for everyone around us.

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