Thursday, April 9, 2015

Small things which we can do to spread happiness all around

They might not have all the material things which you possess but they are more happy than you because they choose to be happy

             I know living in this world is getting more and more difficult. Life has become so much stressful especially in metropolitan cities. There's no other choice for you to live because of various reasons of which you must be well aware of. And there are things which most of us do to make matters worse and that is; BEING RUDE

Before I proceed I would like to share something which happened to me and I am sure you must have faced similar situations in your life ( and if you are living in Delhi, the chances are very likely):
                      Some months ago while working with my previous company I was asked to go to house of secretary of the society and ask for the permission to put up some banners of our company as part of the marketing project which was undertaken by us. So my colleague and I went to the secretary's house and rang the bell. A lady came rushing in, seemingly unhappy with the fact that we disturbed her pathetic and miserable life where she used to pretend happy and content but from inside she must be as lonely as every rich persons in this city, and irritatingly bursted out " why are you ringing my bell"? Surprised with the rudeness of her we told her that we want to meet his husband for the above mentioned reason. "He is not home"came the reply though not rudely as before but still below the parameters of politeness. Then my friend asked one question which made her loose every bit of tamper and that sensational question was "when will he return"? Shocked...???? Yeah that's exactly how we felt. She started it all again... "who are you ?? why should I tell you....... Blah blah blah !!! At last I just smiled at her  and left without saying anything.
                       What was the outcome of all that? All three of us were filled with negativity. What better could have been??

 Now the alternate scenario which would have left  all of us happy and brimming with positivity.
           I rang the bell and a lady came smiling and politely asked " Yes, how may I help you". We tell her the reason she says her husband is not at home right now but we can come later in the evening when he will be home. We smile and leave with respect filled in the heart for her for being such a polite person. This could have made the day for all of us.

                       But the latter scenario is usually rare not all extinct but rare.

The question is why do we behave in such a way and make already glum life worse. Don't we have a better option ? Yes we do have many other options. So I am going to talk about the


1. SMILE:  Yes I know you have heard it many times before and still you don't follow it. This is the most simplest and easy thing you can do to spread positivity in the air. It will cost you nothing, in fact, it will make you feel happy from inside. So promise me you will always smile when you see someone approaching you. Even if he asks for you to do something which you don't want to do you don't have to put off your smile, you just need to refuse politely.

2. BE GENTLE:  Always be gentle in your behaviour. For some people being rude is the way of life don't forget what goes around comes around. So make this world a better place to live just by being polite to everyone. Even if somebody comes at you rudely just answer politely with a smile he will obviously feel sorry for his behaviour, although he won't show it but he will feel it inside.

3. TALK TO STRANGERS: This is what I too have to work on. Believe me everyone likes to do it but they are hesitant to start first but as soon as the other person starts it, they start speaking like they have been waiting for it. You too must have observed the same. Imagine you are travelling long distance in a public transport and everybody is busy with himself/herself, no one's talking to each other. Does this look happy? This isn't giving us good feeling. Now imagine the same journey but this time everybody is talking with the persons sitting next to them, sharing thier life experiences. The latter situation is giving us positive vibes, This has been proven by some researches. It has been reported that people who strike up a conversation are more happier than those who doesn't.

4. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Last week Marketing head of my company threw a party. After having our dinner at a restraunt when we were moving out of there I saw him greeting the gatekeeper which brought a wide smile on his face which looked gloomy before. This not only brought happiness to him but it sent a positivity to all of us and increased respect for our marketing head. Is it too hard to be done? Of course not. This is something everyone can do but they choose not to. Many times we see someone struggling with their baggage we can extend a helping hand. There could be many things which will bring joy to them as well as us.

5. LOVE YOURSELF: You need to love yourself in order to make yourself happy. By loving yourself doesn't mean that you need to be arrogant, by this I mean love good things about yourself and try to do them more. When you will be happy then only you can make others happy.

6. BE FORGIVING: Everyone in this world holds on to grudges which makes them unable to feel happiness. A giant leap towards happiness can be forgive all who have done bad things to you. This will free yourself of all the negativity which will make way for positivity to come in. You will now be able to feel happiness from small things.

7. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: We all have many wants and they keep on increasing. Material things can't bring you long lasting happiness. Happiness comes from within. Feel the happiness first from all the things you already have, when you're finished with that then only make a wish for new thing. You will realize how happy you can be.

  You must have heard these advice before but still you haven't followed them. Constant reminding of these ideas can make you follow these simple things so that my wish of living in my dream world where happiness is all around can come true. Stay Happy Stay Blessed. :)

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