Monday, April 7, 2014

That small town in the hills

A Beautiful View of 'That small town in the hills'
There’s a small town in the hills where I was born,
 where you can see the fields of wheat and corn!
Situated in the hills and surrounded by greenery,
you bet this place is full of picturesque scenery!!

Hardships of life there doesn’t affect the humility,
everything they will do not to lessen the credibility!
 No matter how much they suffer anguish and fear,
you will notice in the face it is a smile they wear!!

Living there I too had my share of joy and sorrow,
memories of there I embrace today and tomorrow!
Whether men or women everybody is benevolent,
you are less likely to meet someone so malevolent!!

Prior to my coming out it was a blessing in disguise,
life in big cities appeared as a complete surprise!
Hard to find the compassion content and serenity,
in order to survive you have to sell your dignity!!

Fed up with this life which I’m living in the fast lane,
wasting big portion of my life in buses and trains!
Scorching heat materialistic life and selfishness kills,
 I badly want to return to that small town in the hills!!

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