Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rising Of A Real Hero

Like the lizard gobbles up a fly,
the politicians has gobbled up our nation..!
                                                                      Why don’t they feel any  shame,
                                                             why can’t they fight this temptation..!!

Then came a man with a vision,
and the looters shouted with indignation..!
But he looked resolute for a change,
and created on millions an impression..!!

He looked as if an epitome of righteousness,
he was certainly an enemy of corruption..!
Determined to change the system,
 to sweep away the roots of corruption..!!

He overcame all the hurdles of his way,
still new non-sense is created by politician..!
        He is the savior of this sinking country,
          no one could shake his determination..!!

Though the common man had a say in democracy ,
I wonder how corruption had become a fashion..!
                                                                                           Now with the wave of change in this new year,
                                                                               He has become CM to save us out of this situation..!!

Yet to conquer many evils of this society,
 yet to save the common man from exploitation..!
                                                                                          Keep the spirit on and keep working your best,
                                                                                 Towards a better tomorrow is headed this nation..!!

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