Sunday, October 20, 2013

'The teachers' everyone should have

               Like most of us, I too consider my mother as my greatest teacher but there are many things about her which make her special in many ways. Despite the physical and mental agonies which she had to go through all her life so far, she always stuck up to his empathetic nature, kindness, unconditional love and humble nature.  I inherited most of her good things in me. The best part of her is, she is always careful whatever she does and whatever she speaks so as not to hurt others and maybe that’s why I am also not that straightforward and outspoken. Seemingly, it might sound something negative but I think otherwise.  

           I don’t really remember my first day at school but I remember the first teacher whose image is never going to delete from my memories. My first teacher was a very funny guy and that too in a childish way. I guess that’s what we want when we are at the tender age of less than ten years. One more thing I should mention that he used to make fart-like sounds with clasping both palms together. I still remember him giving us the answers in a unit test though the other teacher at the room protested that. He was favourite of mine and my friends. Whether good or bad, my irrational mind of that time was unable to decide that and I still like him the way he was. I learnt enjoying my life and spreading happiness from him.

                In my secondary education I failed to learn something from the teachers there because I hardly gave attention in any class. I was not interested but forced to study. I hope you can guess from where all those force comes from.  Teachers came and went but there wasn’t any lifelong impression on me but when I entered in college life, the changes began appearing in me.
College life bring with it different people in my life, I learned different perspective of looking at things. My thoughts were getting broader than ever before. I acquired the habit of reading and this filled me with new knowledge and thinking. This was first noticed by professor Kavidyal and he started giving extra attention to me. There were times when he admired me in front of whole class and told things which I never heard before like ‘you will go a long way’. I sure wanted to be successful before as well and I thought successful meant making huge money or a higher designation. I think he meant the latter one. With the appreciation and expectation I felt compelled to work hard. What truly inspired me were not his praises but his knowledge and dedication towards his work. Besides that, he always emphasized on living life with values and ethics. Honestly speaking, other professors and teachers there, stand nowhere near him. Apart from being a good teacher of subjects, he is also a guiding light of my life. He was the first one in my student life to teach values in life. Other teachers taught subjects only but he taught many other things, constantly told us to be honest, sincere, dedicated and well behaved to all. He would always be the teacher of my student life who deserves most respect.

             Going ahead in my education, I met two more teachers who were able to put good impression on me. Mr. Pankaj Updadhyay and Mr. Maninder Singh. When I used to attent Pankaj sir’s class, I used to see Kavidyal sirs reflection on him. I attended just 4 classes of Maninder sir but this short time was enough to made a mark on me These all teachers gave me many valuable lessons in life which I am not going to forget, apart from just teaching, the lessons which might not land me in very high designation or any high paying job but certainly to a life which is worth living. All the good things I will be doing in my future will the consequence of their teachings. These persons above will always be my ideals whose teachings will guide me in every walk of life.

            I think  if everybody will get these kind of teachers in their life and learn the way I have learnt from them, I can’t guarantee a richer world but I can guarantee a better tomorrow for everyone.

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