Saturday, September 7, 2013

It’s Now or Never

                     We might be the creation of the situation but when given a chance if we blow up our chance to change the situation then we don’t deserve to blame our situation. Despite of the democracy, we've always kept grumbling over the situations of the drowning country whether economically, morally or in any other way. While attending one class, a professor who’s been to other countries like USA and China, talked about the situation there, how people roam round freely at night without the fear of being looted, girls dress the way they want. He asked to the whole class ‘how long will our country take to reach to the position’? Nobody had the answer. He is few of them who look concerned about the situation of our country and make an effort to bring change by one way or other.

                     He said ‘we need more Kejriwals in our country’. I strongly agree with him but I fear the fate which Kejriwal is going to meet, (if we believe the survey of the news channel which I saw yesterday in the evening)  I don’t know how many Kejriwal will dare to even think of standing against the democratically elected autocrats. According to that survey Aam Aadmi Party is going to secure only 8 seats.  A shudder went through my head to toe, thinking of the efforts put by Kejriwal, thousands of his supporters and all those families (even if they are contributing just Rs 10 as a donation to the party) all going to waste. When at the same time Mrs. Sheila Dikshit is wasting a huge amount of public money (which was meant for developmental works) on putting glittering posters fooling the public, like a poster read ‘Delhi has the largest fleet of CNG buses in the world, Development is evident here’. If she will come and tell it to my co-commuters from Palam in the route 727 in the morning rush hour and I am sure they will beat her to death. They never say that income earned by public authorities and government from the state of Delhi could be enough to take care of the whole country if spent wisely.

               India is a democratic country but democracy doesn't do any good here, if it would be doing well, then there wouldn't be any person everywhere cursing politicians. Democracy works for the country where almost every person is wise and rational in making decisions. People here are greed-driven, you just need to show them piece of paper with the picture of Gandhiji. I hope you know what I am talking about. Besides that, people always complain that they didn't have any choice. Speaking broadly, the candidates which were nominated by parties previously weren't always honest. People did have to choose any one. That’s why many people chose to maintain distance from politics and political parties but when for the first time they are getting the chance to elect honest candidates. They may believe that if elected, whatever they’ll do they will never be corrupt and if in any case they get corrupted they cannot get away with it.

         My Appeal to the people of India (presently to the residents of Delhi), Don’t blow this chance otherwise it will become your last chance.

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